Solvay organized environmental awareness programs in different Roha, India schools to explain the effects that plastics can have on the environment. The objective was to encourage citizens of the small city of Roha in the Maharashtra state, to support and follow the country’s law to ban plastics.

India recently passed one of the toughest plastics ban laws with the objective of eliminating all single-use plastic by 2022. The initiative was designed to cut plastic pollution flowing from India’s 1.3 billion people in the world’s fastest-growing economy. 

“Solvay’s environmental awareness programs help people develop a sense of moral responsibility to sustain our environment in the right way and provide a better understanding of why plastics affect our environment. During the organized programs, our staff explained our sustainability commitments in regard to the environment. Solvay employees are eager and excited to participate in these activities with some colleagues noting that this will help us conduct sustainable business in line with Solvay’s sustainability strategy.”

Satish Kulkarni, Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Manager

Solvay teams in the region took on different initiatives to protect the environment, including the planting of 500 trees in different locations near Solvay’s sites in alignment with a tree-planting target set by the Indian government.


Roha, India