Helmets for Kids is a partnership aimed at increasing helmet use and reducing road traffic injuries among child motorcycle passengers in Rayong province, Thailand. Launched in 2012, we estimate that the heads of around 30,000 children are now better-protected thanks to the donation of helmets, which are kept in the family and passed on to younger siblings.

Thailand has one of the highest rates of motorcycle fatalities per 100,000 people in the world, and statistics in Rayong province are among the worst in the country. One of the main reasons for the high number of fatalities is not wearing a helmet. In addition to donating helmets, the project also involves an educational aspect, with children receiving safety training delivered in an entertaining format, which they can use to reverse-mentor their parents.





"I love our Thai colleagues’ enthusiastic involvement in Helmets for Kids. Launched almost ten years ago, we estimate that this project protected around 30,000 little thanks to the donation of helmets which are kept in the family and passed on to younger siblings."

Ilham Kadri Solvay CEO

Little students in Rayong
Ilham Kadri in Asia with school children