Volunteers from Solvay’s Liyang Site offered comfort and companionship to children whose parents leave home after the annual Chinese Spring Festival reunion to work in big cities for the next year.

The Chinese Spring Festival reunion is the most important festival of the year and a time when families come together to celebrate and enjoy the delicious food they prepare and eat together. 


Liyang, China 

Most parents return to work after the festival, which becomes a time when the children begin to miss their parents. Volunteers from Solvay were eager to oblige and decided to visit the community center in the hopes of spreading some post-holiday cheer to the children.

The local Dongsheng Community organized a half-day activity during which 20 Solvay volunteers came to play games with the children, teach them about crops and vegetables with the assistance of local farmers, and spend part of a fun weekend together.

“I enjoyed playing games with other children and volunteers, and I hope to have more chances to meet them (the volunteers) again”

Pan Xin one of the children at the community center.