HR Site Brussels team rolled up its sleeves


Human Resources (HR) team members from the Brussels site opted to roll up their sleeves and assist the NGO Solidarité Grands Froids in its mission to bring warm meals, clothes, and a listening ear to those in need, rather than take part in conventional team-building activity, like an escape room or a scavenger hunt or a wine-making workshop.

In explaining why they wanted to turn a potential afternoon of recreation into meaningful societal action, team members said they thought it was more important to reach out to the most fragile members of their community.  

Solidarité Grands Froids, based in the heart of Brussels, is a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) that provides support to the homeless and less-fortunate inhabitants of the city by collecting and distributing donated items, such as clothing, toiletries, housewares, toys, shoes, etc. 

After arriving at the organization’s facility one afternoon, team members split into two groups to offer their assistance. Half of the team sorted through heaps of donated clothing that needed to be organized for later redistribution. The other half hit the kitchen to peel, chop and slice vegetables so volunteers could distribute warm meals at the end of the day. On the menu? Vegetable minestrone, potatoes, poultry sausage and applesauce, topped off with a delicious sauce specially prepared by Solidarité Grands Froids' volunteer chef. 

With the HR site team’s help that day, the NGO was able to feed 50 people on the streets that night. 


Brussels, Belgium 

"With all my heart, THANK YOU! It's always a pleasure to see you all again and to work together toward helping the most vulnerable people in our community."

Cynthia Simpson, founder of Solidarité Grands Froids