"Let me explain my job!"


Six Solvay employees recently opened a dialogue with students from the British School of Brussels in the hopes of inspiring them to begin thinking about their future studies and their careers.

The purpose of the virtual exchange was to help students, most around the age of 15,  make the link between their education and their professional career. 

The first part of the exchange was a “career talk” with the Solvay professionals sharing information about their educational and professional backgrounds and explaining what their day-to-day activities are like at work. Their objective was to broaden the students’ thinking and open their eyes to the many paths that await. 

The second part of the exchange was a one-hour interactive session in which the youngsters engaged in conversation about the knowledge and skills essential to working at Solvay. Students were also challenged to develop and practice their critical thinking skills. The Solvay volunteers also prepared and presented fictional and real-life scenarios detailing tasks or recurring challenges they face regularly in their work and asked the students to talk about how they would respond.

All participants involved said they found the exchange to be a fulfilling experience.


Brussels, Belgium 


 6 employees