The seat belt in the back seat


Knowing that seat belts are effective in saving lives is what inspired some Solvay employees to support a children's car safety initiative called "Seat belt in the back seat." 

Seat belts are said to reduce the risk of death by 45% and the risk of serious injury by 50%. Numbers don’t lie, seatbelts save lives.

"Teaching children safety and saving children's lives!" was the theme of a recent online campaign led by an army of 25 Solvay volunteers, reinforced by educational institutions, teachers, and amazing teamwork. The campaign made a positive impact on 3,300 children over a four-day period via numerous interactive online presentations and an overall emphasis on teamwork.

In addition to bringing smiles to children’s faces, the campaign also brought lots of positive energy to the Solvay team.


Devin, Bulgaria 


 25 employees