With Rêv'Elles, we encourage young girls from modest backgrounds to think bigger


Aubervilliers site, France



With our ambitious One Dignity program, we place diversity, equity and inclusion at the heart of Solvay's strategy. In December 2021, Solvay France signed a new partnership with Rêv'Elles.

Expand the field of possibilities

Rêv'Elles is an association that opens the horizons to young girls, aged between 14 and 20, who often censor themselves in their professional ambitions. The stated objective is to give these young girls access to information and above all to give them the desire to study and to help them to have confidence in themselves.

In 2020, our Aubervilliers site (Ile-de-France) collaborated with Rêv'Elles as part of our 'Citizen Day' day by co-building an inspiring webinar on women’s careers.

The strength of diversity

Building on this first success, Solvay France has engaged with Rêv'Elles in order to support young women in Ile-de-France and in Lyon (France) - where the association's branches are located - in the construction of their professional project.