Voluntarios_doacao roupas

Members of the Novecare (GBU) team sponsored a clothing donation drive at the Itatiba site to benefit Casa Espírita Mãos Estendidas (CEME), a faith-based institution dedicated to helping the needy.

Under the campaign theme of "CLOTHED, CLOSED, FORGOTTEN, HIDDEN ... DISAPPEAR," Novecare volunteers were able to collect about 50 bags full of clothes.

CEME sets up a thrift store to sell the donated clothing and uses the money it collects to purchase food for baskets distributed to about 60 low-income families, as well as lunch boxes for homeless people.

Donating clothes also contributes to the well-being of the planet by stimulating the circular economy. 


Itatiba, Sao Paulo / Brazil 

“In times like the pandemic, it is important to reach out to those less fortunate. Engaging our teams and strengthening our social responsibility actions promote solidarity and help people to a better quality of life, especially in the neediest communities.”

Roberto Vidal, Production Assistant

“We live in a culture of accumulation and constant waste and this is very harmful to the environment. With this initiative, not only are we helping other people, but we’re also helping the planet by reducing pollution and unnecessary waste.”

Luciana Sousa, Supply Chain Technician