Inclusive STEM education inspires next-generation scientific breakthroughs

Solvay’s record of philanthropy has always been centered on science and education. 

We strongly believe that science education has a crucial role in reinventing progress for mankind. Recruiting the great researchers of tomorrow requires inspiring enthusiasm for science and technology in children today. Encouraging studies in science, technology, engineering, mathematics (STEM), and education in general, is the key that will open doors to new innovations and solutions, especially when science is spoken as the universal language and the boundaries of limitation are erased. 

We hold education as a lifelong human right for all regardless of gender, race, creed, ethnicity or nationality. Solvay has always had a rich tradition of knowledge-sharing with the brightest minds of our time, as well as a rich tradition of bonding and connecting with future generations through educational initiatives. 

We concentrate our philanthropic efforts in educational endeavors that include research activities in scientific areas and matters; education and training initiatives in the fields of science, technology and related areas.

Our dogged pursuit of innovation and our passionate support for STEM education are embedded in Solvay’s DNA.