Solvay supports RAHS Green Energy Team in the Solar Car Challenge, a project-based STEM initiative for US high school students

RAHS Green energy Team working

Raisbeck Aviation High School (RAHS) is a nationally ranked public high school in the US, with a  science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) curriculum focused on aviation and aerospace. The school’s Green Energy Team is an extracurricular immersive experience, in which students use advanced materials and batteries to create a high-performing solar car to compete in a national-level high school race: the Solar Car Challenge

For the students involved, the Challenge is a unique opportunity to gain experience in many different areas, including technical, electrical, mechanical and computer skills, and knowledge of business and communication.

Solvay believes that education has a crucial role to play in reinventing progress. Our support for this project is therefore a natural step in our ongoing efforts to encourage STEM studies, which we see as the key to opening up doors to new and sustainable innovations and solutions.  

Solvay has a rich tradition of sharing knowledge with the brightest minds of the time, as well as bonding and connecting with future generations through educational initiatives to inspire the scientists of the future. Accompanying the RAHS Green Energy Team as they collaborate on this renewable energy engineering project is a continuation of this tradition, which is fully aligned with our Purpose.


Team members

14-18 years old

Age of team members

3rd edition

Number of times RAHS has participated in the race

2 gold medals

Number of titles won

"We are very happy to name Solvay among our key partners. It's thanks to companies who believe in us that we can keep our educational project alive and ensure that our team gains hands-on experience innovating solutions to real-world environmental issues."

Maya Peña - Fundraising and Outreach Team Leader

Racing towards a new Solar Car Challenge title

The Solar Car Challenge Education Program provides hands-on workshops, virtual learning videos, educational materials and onsite visits for high schools across the country. The end product of each two-year education cycle is the Solar Car Challenge: a closed-track event at the world-famous Texas Motor Speedway, which gives students the opportunity to display and drive their solar cars.

The RAHS Green Energy Team competed in the 2019 and 2021 editions, winning the title on both occasions. Heading into the 2022 Solar Car Challenge, the team is making big upgrades to the current car, including a new suspension system, solar array and battery pack.

This year’s car has been named “Jimmy” in honor of the late aeronautical engineer Dr. James D. Raisbeck. 

"Solvay's support is critical for us. Not only will it support our travel to the race in Texas this July, but it will also allow us to explore a new car design for our 2022-23 solar car!"

Alexis Lee - Team Captain

RAHS Green Energy (1)
RAHS Green Energy (2)