Our partnerships for a sustainable future

With the emphasis Ernest Solvay placed on the education and well-being of employees, he can certainly be considered an early advocate of what we refer to today as Corporate Social Responsibility. His devotion to putting people first is rooted in the Solvay Better Life initiative, part of our Solvay One Planet roadmap, which seeks to improve the quality of life for employees and society as a whole.

Solvay One Planet, our roadmap toward a sustainable future that provides shared value for all, articulates our sustainability agenda around three pillars: Climate, Resources and Better Life. Success is assessed through a set of concrete actions and 10 measurable goals to be achieved by 2030.

Solvay’s sustainability initiatives are closely aligned with our business objectives, and truly reflect the way we partner with our stakeholders. To be successful, we must stay in tune with the aspirations of our customers who need to innovate for a better world, and we must maintain our sense of Purpose to help us motivate young talent to join our ranks and assist in our search to find the next Ernest Solvay.