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Solvay’s collaboration with Solar Impulse began in 2004, when we joined forces with Bertrand Piccard on the Solar Impulse Project to build a solar-powered plane capable of flying around the world – a feat that was achieved in 2016.

Solar Impulse Label


In 2017, Solvay partnered with the Solar Impulse Foundation (SIF), led by Piccard, with the shared aim of developing sustainable solutions to combat climate change. 

The Foundation set out to identify, select and label “1,000 solutions to change the world”. All of these “efficient solutions” are designed to address sustainability challenges while enabling economic growth.

Thirteen Solvay products are currently labeled as efficient solutions by the Solar Impulse Foundation, demonstrating our commitment to our Solvay One Planet goals. Our portfolio includes sustainable options for batteries, exhaust gas treatment, semiconductor applications, thermoset composites for high volume automotive applications, rare earth-based formulations, biostimulants for farming and wastewater adsorbents, which benefit various industries, including water, energy and agriculture. 

Recognition from the SIF is just the beginning for Solvay, as we continue to develop clean technologies and demonstrate how chemistry and innovation can lead to profitable and sustainable solutions that tackle the world’s environmental and health challenges.

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"Solvay is showing that solutions improving the quality of life on earth and making our planet a better place for humans already exist."

Bertrand Piccard, Chairman of the Solar Impulse Foundation