How are projects funded?

We prioritize funding for projects and programs that fall under one of our three Corporate Citizenship program pillars:

Project funding is primarily managed through the Ernest Solvay Fund, which was established in 1923 to honor our founder who had passed away a year earlier. Today, the majority of Solvay’s corporate philanthropy is funneled through the Ernest Solvay Fund and managed by the independent King Baudouin Foundation (KBF). 

The fund is managed by a committee of 13 members, most of whom are descendants of Ernest Solvay. Other members include Solvay senior managers and a representative of the King Baudouin Foundation. The committee meets together to decide on each of the projects presented to them by the selection jury. 

Two selection processes are held each year, one in the spring and the other in the fall. Each process consists of a gathering phase when applications are submitted through the KBF portal, and a jury phase when projects are selected for each Management Committee meeting, held in May and November. The Management Committee has the option to require applicants to deliver a formal project presentation at its meeting. 

Funding applications in your preferred language can be submitted through an online form. 

Ernest Solvay Picture Circle

“I never stopped pursuing scientific goals, because I love science and I do believe that science will derive the progress of mankind.”

Ernest Solvay

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the types of projects typically funded by the Ernest Solvay Fund?

Projects must meet the criteria listed in the Solvay Citizenship policy and fall within one of three categories, Sustainability, Innovation, or STEM Education. 

One of the Ernest Solvay Fund’s main objectives is to promote an interest in training and in scientific and technological development, in both Belgium and abroad. The fund supports educational and entrepreneurial initiatives in the science and technology fields, such as chemistry, physics, biology, mathematical and earth sciences. Projects in the medical and pharmaceutical domains are not considered a priority.

The Fund's Management Committee meets twice a year, once in spring and later in fall, to select initiatives that meet the criteria and take into account a project’s potential impact and its innovative nature.

How much money can I request for my project?

You can ask for up to 10,000€.

How will I know if my grant request has been received?

The Fund's Management Committee meets twice annually, once in spring and again in fall, to select initiatives aligned with fund objectives. The committee takes into account each project’s potential impact and its innovative character. After each semiannual meeting, the KBF will contact applicants by mail to inform them if their projects have been accepted or rejected.

Is the same selection process used for the United States, India and South Africa?

The same process applies to all projects the world over.